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  • Cool Weather Cycling Kit

    Cool Weather Cycling Kit


When those summer days start to fade, don’t think about putting the bike in the rack until next year. Riding in cool weather has its benefits and with the right kit you can still stay comfortable through the season.


Arm & Leg Warmers/Mesh Base Layers

These are great solutions for ‘taking the chill off’ in early autumn when the temperature is cooler but not frigid. Many warmers use fabrics like ‘Super Roubaix’ which is fleece lined but also very lightweight so they are easy to remove and store once you warm up. The thermal fabrics used in this kit dry quickly and stay comfortable even when you’re wet so you’re covered for a range of scenarios. Check out our range of warmers here.

Mesh base layers are great in that they can be worn all year round as they offer high breathability but also an extra layer under a summer or winter jersey. Men's base layers can be found here, and women's base layers can be found here.


Cycology Clothing Arm Warmers


Gloves & Headwear

It depends on which research you read as to whether this is more ‘cycological’ or ‘scientific’ but the head and feet are key areas for heat loss. You can find cycling gloves to suit any weather conditions and a good pair of gloves is an essential part of your kit.

Headwear is always more of a personal thing but again there are a range of options to add some layering. For slightly cooler weather you have headbands and ear warmers all the way through to thermal skull caps and beanies for more severe conditions.


Cycling Gloves


Don’t let the cold cool your enthusiasm this season. A few key pieces of kit can keep you on the road much longer (and happier).

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